Race Description Edit

Humans live throughout the world, in the centre lands, on islands large and small, making their homes in cities and settlements, outposts and camps. They are short and tall, fair and dark, settled and nomadic, but always adaptive, always resourceful, and always able to make the most of any situation.

Gameplay Effects Edit

Average Lifespan Edit

Humans are not as perennial as the fae or elves, but neither as short-lived as the goblins. They enjoy an average lifespan of 70 to 100 years.

Quick-Witted Edit

Humans are, as a rule, exceptionally astute and shrewd. They are extraordinarily adaptable and resourceful, able to survive in some of the harshest environments and most barbarous conflicts in the world. Humans only require 100% of experience required by a level in order to advance.

Initial Attributes Edit

Humans have the following initial attributes, before modifiers:

Attribute Value
Strength 11
Dexterity 10
Agility 10
Health 11
Intelligence 10
Willpower 10
Charisma 10
Speed 50

Resistances Edit

Humans have the following resistances to different forms of harm, before modifiers:

Resistance Type Value (negative values indicate a weakness)
Slash 0
Pierce 0
Pound 0
Heat 0
Cold 0
Acid 0
Poison 0
Holy 0
Shadow 0
Arcane 0
Lightning 0

Initial Skills Edit

Humans start with the following values in their respective skills, before modifiers:

General Skills Edit

Skill Value
Boating 10
Carrying 10
Detection 10
Fishing 15
Foraging 15
Hiding 10
Swimming 15

Weapon Skills Edit

Weapon Skill Value
Short Blades 5
Bludgeons 5
Daggers 5
Spears 5

Ranged Weapon Skills Edit

Ranged Weapon Skill Value
Rocks 5
Slings 5

Religion Edit

Humans are not naturally benevolent, non-aligned, or malevolent; they are born with the gift of mastery of their fate, and the captaincy of their soul. As such, they are not naturally inclined towards any particular god or domain, and can worship any god they feel embodies their values.

Humans can worship Celeste, Aurelion, The Lady, Vedere, Voros, the Trickster, Shiver, Urgoth, and Sceadugenga.

Recommended Classes Edit

Humans are very well-rounded as a race, and can succeed well at every class. Their stats, while not spectacular, are quite balanced, with no extremes in physical or magical stats, making a human mage-warrior quite viable. However, one should also note that the lack of stat extremes, while providing an advantage, intrinsically provides a disadvantage as well. The lack of enhanced stats makes it harder, thought not by much, to specialize in a class during the early game. The problem considerably lessens, if not completely dissipates, by the end-game, during which low stats are enhanced and offset by potions, level-ups, and equipment. Humans do quite well as an adventurer, warrior, wizard, mage, pugilist, and archer, although one might have trouble with the latter due to the need for conservation of arrows (lower stat extremes means lower damage, which in turn means more arrows need to kill a target). Humans can succeed at the profession classes as well, though with more difficulty than the combat classes.